This is one of the most common conundrums in retirement savings. This presentation discusses the differences and advantages of each. It also shines light on Roth savings in your employer-sponsored plan compared to a Roth IRA. You should save as much as you can anyway you can, and we will help you understand how Roth and pretax fit into your retirement savings strategy.


We all want to keep our money saved for retirement. Yet, there are situations in which you might need to access these funds early, like an emergency. This presentation covers different options such as loans, hardship withdrawals, and distributions. When are these options available and what are the implications of each.


Do you find it hard to save money for emergencies or retirement? If so, a budget may make you more aware of your income and your expenses, and it may enable you to make more informed spending and saving choices. Learn how to create a budget based on your personal preferences and look at different budgeting systems.